Friday, August 16, 2013

Hanged Man

Aug 16, 2013
Hanged Man

As with the Death card, the Hanged Man is much less ominous than he first appears. Although suspended over an abyss, our man is serene and seems almost to be enjoying his novel view of the world, perhaps because he knows it will give fresh insights when he is back on his feet again. Like the Fool, he cares little for dignity or even danger, and trusts in a higher wisdom to show him the way.
You are at a life crossroads at which sacrifices and patience are needed if the right choices are to be made. Submit gracefully, and all will be well. Life needs to be viewed from a fresh angle, and what may seem a total distraction to your plans may just take you in a fresh, creative direction. You may feel you are wasting time hanging around, but it will prove to be well worth your while.

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